There’s a lot of navigation to do to graduate from UBC psychology graduate programs, and guidance is always needed! Here are some first places to look:

  • If you plan on graduating, make sure that you know the steps you need to take, important deadlines, and what to do in case of a problem. Luckily, our department has created a Graduate Student Handbook (pdf) that contains all of this information.
  • If you’re in the clinical program, you will also need to know how to navigate your practicum and internship training. You get your very own Practicum and Internship Guide for clinical students.
  • But what about all of that unofficial stuff that you need to know? You should read our GSC’s own ***Graduate Survival Guide***, now in a new and improved HTML format. If you are a new student, this guide will tell you what you should be doing when you arrive, where to get food, and offers some general advice about surviving grad school
  • Are you a TA? Make sure to read the department’s current TA Handbook (pdf)
  • The Graduate Pathways to Success program at UBC offers tips and guidance regarding degree-relevant and more broad career-related advice.
  • Want to be ethical in your research? Whether you do or you don’t, you’ll need to meet UBC’s ethical requirements. This often requires an ethical review of the study that you plan on doing. You’re sure to develop a warm and fuzzy relationship with UBC Research Ethics boards.
  • UBC’s Graduate Student Society offers a list of student resources to help support you and navigate through life as a graduate student. In their words, it is “an encompassing guide that offers UBC students essential resources ranging from housing and food aids, and academic and travel scholarships, to health and wellness services, while also shedding light on affiliations and crucial policies concerning gendered and sexual violence. Aimed at ensuring the holistic well-being and success of every student in the community.”