GSC Members

The GSC welcomes all students who are enrolled in a psychology graduate program, or who are enrolled in another program (e.g. neurosciences) and who are supervised by a faculty member in the psychology department.

GSC Positions 2019-2020

Visit the PSYC student page  to find contact information.

  • Presidents: Drake Levere, Kyle Gooderham
  • Treasurer: Gabriel Smith
  • Social Committee: Ryan Dwyer, Denny Dramkin, Allanah Wallace, Michelle Hunsche, Gabriel Smith
  • Graduate Ombudsperson/Liaison to the Graduate Coordinator: Spencer Murch, Faculty Head: Sheila Woody
  • Website Coordinator: Ke Zhang

University-level Positions

  • Graduate Student Society (GSS) Representative: Jin Chu Wen
  • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Representative: Ariel Ko
  • Graduate Student Well-being Network: Sophie Smit, Bita Zareian, Carly Parsons, Jessica Stewart, Ke Zhang, Michelle Hunsche, Faculty Head: Steven Barnes

Departmental Positions

  • Graduate & Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:Natasha Pestonji, Kyle Gooderham, Faculty Head: Catherine Rawn
  • Annual Report Committee: TBD, Faculty head: TBD
  • Psychfest Committee: Brittney Russell, Arezoo Shahnaz, Faculty Head: 
  • Graduate Admissions Lead: TBD, Faculty Head: 
  • Recruitment Weekend Committee: Kate Kysow, Jin Chu Wen, Erica Dharmawan, Faculty Head: Sheily Woody
  • Colloquium Committee: Denny Dramkin, Nada Alaifan, Ke Zhang, Faculty Head:
  • Faculty/Staff Recognition Committee:Patrick Klaiber, Faculty Head: Cathy Rankin
  • Information Technology Committee: Mario Ferrari, Jin Chu Wen, Faculty Head: Andy Baron
  • Annual Departmental Report Committee:Natasha Pestonji, Faculty Head: Toni Schmader
  • Safety Committee:Nada Alaifan, Sumeet Mutti, Faculty Head: Peter Graf
  • Learning Enhancement Committee: Spencer Murch, Jin Chu Wen, Brittany Cole, Jennifer Yip, Kyle Gooderham, Drake Levere, Faculty Head: Grace Truong
  • Departmental Equity Committee: Lucy De Souza, Ellen Jopling, Mikayla Pachowski, Jessica Stewart, Faculty Head: Mark Schaller
  • Human Subject Pool (HSP) Coordinator: Zak Witkower, Faculty Head: Steve Heine

Area Representatives

  • Behavioural Neuroscience: Debra Bercovici, Faculty Head: Catherine Winstanley
  • Clinical: Ali Tracy, Adri Khalis, Faculty Head: Lynn Alden
  • Cognitive: Raymond MacNeil, Allanah Wallace, Faculty Head: Luke Clark
  • Developmental: Denny Dramkin, Erica Dharmawan, Faculty Head: Andy Baron
  • Health: Jessica Stewart, Charlotte Roddick Faculty Head: Christiane Hoppmann
  • Quantitative: Phuong (Sam) Can, Faculty Head: Vika Savalei
  • Social/Personality: Ryan Dwyer, Will Jettinghoff, Faculty Head: Jess Tracy
  • First Years (MA1 Students): Erica Dharmawan, Dunigan Folk
  • Postdoc: Jason Flindall


Jin Chu Wen, Sumeet Mutti, Bonnie Vockeroth, Jordan Brace, Gabriel Brooks, Drake Levere, Brad Morrison, Spencer Murch, Carly Parsons, Kevin Roberts, Gabe Smith, Mario Ferrari