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The Paid Participant Studies List is hosted on the Psychology Graduate Student Council website. While most studies here are conducted in the Psychology Department, other departments recruiting participants are welcome to advertise. Anyone is welcome to sign up for the mailing list.

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Current Studies

Please check the eligibility requirements for each study. Some studies are only open to UBC students, others are open to the general public.

Last updated: March 23, 2019.

Face Perception

Researchers: Sena Youn, Shanna Yeung, Dr. Jason Barton (PI)

Description: Participants will memorize faces on a computer screen and respond with the keyboard.


  • Never done this experiment before 
  • 18-55 years of age
  • Had exposure to Caucasian faces for at least 10 years (for example,. lived in North America for at least 10 years)
  • must be able to clearly see images of faces quickly shown on a computer screen (wearing glasses/contacts is allowed)
  • do not have and never had any visual impairment conditions, neurological conditions such as strokes, significant head trauma, or impaired memory.  

Location: UBC Campus, or Vancouver General Hospital near Broadway and Heather. More specific location information will be provided after you contact the researcher.

Study end date: No end date specified. Posted March 23, 2019.

UBC Cognition Study

Researcher: Dr. Sheila Woody (PI)
Description: Are you BURIED IN TREASURES? You are not alone. Severe clutter or hoarding affects 1 in 20 people.

Participation in this study takes approximately 4 hours and is done here at UBC. If you decide to participate, you will attend an assessment that will involve and interview and cognitive testing. We will interview you about your personal feelings and experiences, as well as ask questions about your home. We will also do some cognitive testing in which you will be asked to answer questions, look at pictures, and solve problems with blocks or other physical objects. There will also be some computerized tasks and questionnaires.
Eligibility: Fluent English speakers ages 19+. Participants must first complete a phone eligibility interview with a research assistant which will take about 15-25 minutes of your time. You must not have participated in the UBC Cognition Study previously.
Location: Douglas Kenny Psychology Building, 2136 West Mall, UBC
Contact Information: or 604-822-8025
Reimbursement/Time: The study will take about 4 hours and participants will be given a $40 honorarium.
Study End Date: No end date specified. Posted March 13, 2019.

Impact of dart-throwing practice on self-confidence and skill learning

Researcher: Teresa Chang (RA), and Dr. Nicola Hodges (PI)

Participants are needed for UBC study to investigate learning of a dart-throwing task. We examine how self-confidence can be affected by practice. Physiological measures of your heart rate and skin conductance levels will be measured during the experiment. None of these measures are invasive. You will wear a wrist strap, finger strap and have two disposable electrodes attached to your left palm. Reflective stickers would also be attached to your right shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger (hence wear a sleeveless shirt if possible!). Videos of your arm movement during dart throwing will also be recorded for analysis purposes. These video recordings will be accessed only by the experimenters and will be saved in a password-protected computer, locked in the laboratory.

Due to the nature and aims of this study, we are only recruiting participants who:
1) Right-handed females only
2) Age: 19-50 or 18-50 (for UBC students)
3) Have perfect or corrected vision
4) No injuries to upper limbs or any known neurological disorder where overall movement will be adversely affected and atypical of the general population
5) Good written and verbal English proficiency (there will be questions and plenty of instructions)
6) Have *not* played darts or have minimal experience in dart throwing (**please check with Teresa via email)
7) NOT competitive athletes in a sport involving throwing accuracy with the upper limbs (e.g. basketball, softball; **check with Teresa if in doubt).

Location: 6081 University Boulevard (War Memorial Gym in Room 300 located on 3rd floor near bleachers) (

Contact Information: 
Please contact Teresa at Note: Please include “ATTN: Teresa” in the subject line of your email.

This study will take place across 2 consecutive days. Day 1 will take ~1.5 hrs and Day 2 will take ~30 min. Participants will be paid $12.65/hr (total time commitment ~2 hrs).

Study End Date:
 Posted March 5, 2019. No end date specified.

Exposure History Impact on Identification of Faces and Objects

Researcher: Morteza Mousavi(graduate student) and Dr. Ipek Oruc (PI)
Description: We are interested in the effect of exposure to different faces on face and age recognition. Participants will be involved in a face recognition task and an age recognition task. 
Eligibility: You must be between the ages 18 and 45. You must have normal, or corrected- to-normal (glasses/contacts) vision. 
Location: Our lab is located in the ICORD Centre of Vancouver General Hospital (818 West 10th Ave).
Contact Information: Please contact to participate.
Reimbursement/Time: This study takes roughly 2 hours to complete and the compensation is $10/hour.
Study End Date: April 2019

Seeking Volunteers for a Study of Exercise and Brain Health

Researcher: Dr. Donna Lang, Melissa Woodward, Peter Senften

Description: Researchers from the University of British Columbia and Centre for Complex Disorders are interested in measuring the effects of exercise on brain health and function. We are seeking volunteers who would like to participate in a 12-week exercise program.

What the research involves: This is a 12-week study in which you will receive a full health and fitness assessment before and after the completion of the exercise program. Certified fitness instructors will individually tailor the exercise program to your fitness level. To explore brain function, you will have an opportunity to take part in a number of assessments of your memory and reaction speed.

Eligibility: We are looking for healthy volunteers: If you are between the ages of 16 and 45, with no university education and are physically able to participate in moderate exercise, we invite you to join our study.

Location: 2255 Wesbrookmall, Vancouver, BC (Detwiller Pavilion)

Contact information:, 604-875-2000 x4731

Reimbursement/time: This is a 12-week study in which participants will exercise 3 times a week at UBC along with clinical assessments and two MRI scans. Remuneration is $20.00 per MRI scan, $10.00 per clinical assessment, and $5.00 per exercise session

Study End Date: April, 2019.

Self and Social Perception – Part 3

Researcher: Bri Glazier, Lynn Alden (PI), Sarah Lillemo (Study coordinator)
Description: UBC Psychology is looking for adults with social anxiety to participate in a study on UBC campus. If you are interested, we will conduct a brief phone interview to assess your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be invited into the lab for two sessions, scheduled one week apart. You will also complete one online questionnaire. In the lab, you may be asked to make a short statement to a video camera. In both sessions you will be asked to fill out questionnaires about your mood and your perception of yourself. At the end of the second session, you will participate in a clinical interview.
Eligibility: Adults age 18-65 with high social anxiety AND no depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, or current drug use.
Location: Kenny building, UBC campus, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.
Contact Information: Email us at or call 604-822-5047. Please reference the study “Self and Social Perception” and let us know some times that we can contact you on the phone for 10-15 minutes.
Reimbursement/Time: $30 for 2 hours of your time. The first session will take 30 minutes and the second session will take 60 minutes. The online questionnaire takes approximately 5 minutes.
Study End Date: Study posted January 8, 2019. No end date specified.

Study of Online Shared Accounts

Researcher: Borke Obada-Obieh, Yue Huang, and Prof. Konstantin Beznosov

Description: Participant will be involved in an interview session with UBC researchers.  Participant will be interviewed either in person or over a video call.

Eligibility: In the last 12 months, participants must have stopped using an online account (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, online bank account), shared with either their romantic partner, parent, or child. OR participants are attempting to stop using a shared online account.

Location: At the participants’ preferred location or over a Skype video call.

Contact Information: Potential participants can take the eligibility survey using this link or send an email to Borke Obada-Obieh via

Reimbursement/Time: Participants will be compensated with $20 (for in-person interviews) or $20 Amazon Gift Card (for video interviews)/ Interviews will take about 1 hour.

Study End Date: Study posted January 4. No end date.

Experiment on face memory

Researcher: Manuela Malaspina, Andrea Albonico and Jason Barton (PI)

Description: This study aims at investigating the role of eye-movements in face memory. The study consists of a behavioural experiment on a computer: participants will be asked to memorize a face and later to recognize it among other faces. Eye-movements will be recorded with a small video-camera during the experiment.

Eligibility: Caucasian young adults between 20-40 years of age, with normal or corrected-to-normal vision, no neurological or psychiatric history and no visual complaints.

Location: The experiment will take place at the HVEM lab c/o the Eye Care Centre (2550 Willow Street ).

Contact Information: If you are interested in participating in the study, please email Manuela Malaspina for more information at manu.malaspina(at)

Reimbursement/Time: Participants will receive $15 for their participation. The study will approximately take about 1 hour to complete.

Start and End Date: no end date specified. Posted on December 5, 2018.

Aging and vision with eye-tracking

Researcher: Doris Chow (Post-doc) and Miriam Spering (PI)

Description: This study is about motion sensitivity and eye movements. You will look at visual stimuli presented on a monitor while your eye movements are being recorded with a video camera. You will also be asked to make manual responses to the specific features of the stimulus. Some of these judgments will be easy and other more difficult. Basic vision tests will also be performed.
Eligibility: 19-45 or 65-85 years old; normal or corrected-to-normal visual acuity (at least 20/40); no history of neurological, psychiatric or eye diseases (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or ‘lazy eye’)
Location: VGH, 818 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver
Contact Information: please email for inquiries and scheduling
Reimbursement/Time: $15 at the completion of the study (60-75mins including breaks, one visit); if you do not fulfill the visual acuity requirement of the study such that we cannot proceed with the experiment, you will be compensated for $5 for your time.
Study End Date: No end date. Posted November 20, 2018

Listening to sentences – EEG Study

Researcher: Naima Mansuri, Principal Investigator: Dr. Lawrence Ward
Description: This study will involve listening to a series of spoken English sentences from an audio recording played through insert earphones. Our experiments require making recordings of brain activity during these tasks using EEG, which involves several sensors placed on your scalp, a couple on each temple, and one above and below the right eye.
Eligibility: Fluent in English. No history of neurological disorders.
Location: The experiment will be conducted in the Laboratory of Psychophysics and Cognitive Neuroscience (Kenny Building, Room 3014).
Contact Information: Email Naima at to organize a time to participate.
Reimbursement/Time: Participants will receive $10.00 for each hour of participation. The study will take about 2-3 hours to complete.
Study End Date: No end date. Posted November 20, 2018.

Cantonese-English Bilingual Speech Database

Researchers: Khia Johnson (PhD student), Rachel Soo (PhD student), and Dr. Molly Babel (PI)

Description: Do you speak Cantonese and English? You can be part of a bilingual speech database. We’re studying what makes bilingual speech unique—specifically, how languages influence one another. The study involves two 30-minute conversational interviews on everyday topics like culture, hobbies, school, community issues, or work. What’s the catch? One interview will be conducted (mostly) in Cantonese, and the other (mostly) in English. Both interviews will be recorded with head-mounted microphones and included in an Open Access database, so researchers and developers around the world can play with and learn from your speech.

Eligibility: Age 19-35; Fluent in both Cantonese and English; No known speech, language, or hearing disorders

Location: Stores Road Annex (6368 Stores Road, Vancouver, BC)

Contact Information: Khia Johnson,

Reimbursement/Time: 1.5 hours, $15

BREB Approval Code: H18-02017

Study End Date: August 19, 2019

Are you and your partner living with stroke?

Researcher: Dr. Christiane Hoppmann, Theresa Pauly (Graduate Student)
Description: The study tries to understand health after stroke. Couples take part in two interview sessions and, for 14 days, complete questionnaires on a tablet, take pictures of their food, and wear physical activity monitors. Each person provides a blood sample.
Eligibility: Couples, with at least one partner having had a stroke.
Location: We try to accommodate participants all over British Columbia and are flexible in terms of study location.
Contact Information: Email: or Phone: 604-822-3549
Reimbursement/Time: Volunteers receive one tablet per couple or $100 each, a customized health report, and a free technology workshop.
Study End Date: No end date specified. Posted September 18, 2018.

Effects of low-dose versus normal-dose Psychostimulants on Executive Functions in Individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Researcher: Daphne Ling, Prof. Adele Diamond
Description: We are comparing executive functions (EFs; self-control, problem-solving, mentally manipulating information) in individuals diagnosed with ADHD when on a lower-dose psychostimulant (half their current dose) versus their current normal-dose psychostimulant (their current dose). Participants will be asked to visit the lab twice. In one of the sessions, participants will take their current psychostimulant dose; on another, they will take 1/2 that dose. The order of the dose is randomised. Our lab works with a pharmacy to make the drugs (at no cost to the participant) and only the pharmacy will know who is taking what when. We are predicting that while higher doses might help with behaviour (e.g., hyperactivity), cognitive skills might be compromised, leading to worse performance in school, work, and life.
Eligibility: 6-45 years. Has ADHD-Combined or ADHD-Inattentive. On psychostimulants prescribed by a medical doctor for ADHD. All pyschostimulants are eligible, except Concerta.
Location: UBC, Detwiller Pavilion, 2255 Westbrook Mall. Our lab is next to UBC Hospital.
Contact Information: Email Daphne Ling at or call 604-827-3074.

Reimbursement/Time: Two visits, 2 weeks apart. Each session will take approximately 3 hours. We will reimburse parking/transit, and participants will get an individualised report they can use to consult with their doctor.
Study End Date: Posted September 18. No end date specified.

Golf Putting

Researcher:Jonathan Howard (RA) and Dr. Nicola Hodges (PI)
Description: Participants will practice various golf putting tasks with the goal of learning to putt as accurately as possible.
Eligibility: In order to participate in this study you must meet all of the following requirements: 1) age18-35, 2) right-hand dominant, 3) normal vision or wear corrective lenses, 4) no injury to the right hand, 5) no known neurological disorders, 6) no/little experience playing golf or golf putting (if in doubt, please check with Jonathan)
Location:Room 300 in the War Memorial Gym (6081 University Blvd)
Contact Information:Please contact Jonathan atubc.motor.skills.laboratory@gmail.comNote: Please include “ATTN: Jonathan” in the subject line of your email
Reimbursement/Time:This study will take place across 2 days in a row. Day 1 will take ~1-1.5 hrs and Day 2 will take ~30-45 min. Participants will be paid $12.65/hr (total time commitment ~1.5-2.25 hrs).
Study End Date: April 30, 2019.

Do you self-identify as asexual or heterosexual?
Researcher: Dr. Lori Brotto
Description: We are investigating how sexual identity is related to viewing patterns of erotic and neutral images. Your participation will involve a 10-minute telephone interview, completion of online questionnaires assessing your sexuality, and one in-lab session to measure your visual attention to erotic and neutral images.
Eligibility: Men and women between 19-45 years of age who self-identify as asexual or heterosexual, have normal or corrected-to-normal vision, do not have eye diseases (e.g., macular degeneration, glaucoma), are not colour blind, are not left-handed, and are able to read, write, and speak English.
Location: 2775 Laurel Street (Diamond Health Care Centre near VGH)
Contact Information: Please contact Sonia at
Reimbursement/Time: Total time commitment for participation is 1 hour. Participants will be compensated $25.
Study End Date: Posted August 27, 2018. No end date.

Eye Movements in Motion Perception
Researcher: Kim Meier (grad student) and Deborah Giaschi (PI)
Description: The purpose of this research is to learn more about how the brain processes motion information. You will play a computer game that involves watching an animation on a computer screen and reporting what you see with a gamepad. We will use a small camera to record the position of your eyes while you are watching the animation.
Eligibility: Adults aged 45-65 with healthy vision and no histoy of visual disorders (e.g., amblyopia, strabismus, eye trauma, or macular degeneration: cataract surgery is OK) or developmental/neurological disorders.
Location: Vancouver General Hospital, 818 West 10th Avenue.
Contact Information: To make an appointment, call the Ophthalmology Research Lab at 604-875-2345 x7853 or email
Reimbursement/Time: Participants will receive a $10 honorarium for 1 hour of their time.
Study End Date: Posted August 10, 2018. No end date.

GRIP (Goal Regulation in Couples) Study

Researcher:Dr. Christiane A. Hoppmann
We are interested in how partners influence problem solving. The study involves a three-hour session where you and your partner will complete questionnaires and computerized tasks. We will also ask you to give each other a handmassage and wear a heartrate monitor.
You can participate in this study if you are aged 19 years and older. Participation in this study is contingent on the participation of your partner.
The Health and Adult Development Lab (Kenny Building, Room 2301)
Contact Information:
 If you are interested in participating, please contact or call us at 604-822-3549. 
Participants will receive monetary reimbursement for their participation. The study will take 3 hours to complete.
Study End Date:
Posted October 3, 2018. No end date.

Exposure History Impact on Identification of Faces and Objects

Researcher: Morteza Mousavi(graduate student) and Dr. Ipek Oruc (PI)
Description: We are interested in the effect of exposure to different faces on face and age recognition. Participants will be involved in a face recognition task and an age recognition task. 
Eligibility: You must be between the ages 18 and 45. You must have normal, or corrected- to-normal (glasses/contacts) vision. 
Location: Our lab is located in the ICORD Centre of Vancouver General Hospital (818 West 10th Ave).
Contact Information: Please contact to participate.
Reimbursement/Time: This study takes roughly 2 hours to complete and pays $10/hour.
Study End Date: No end date. Posted July 30, 2018.

Transition to High School

Researcher: Ellen Jopling, Alison Tracy, Dr. Joelle LeMoult (PI)
Description: Our study examines how the transition to high school affects mental health and well-being in youth. Specifically, we’re interested in how youth communicate with friends, and the factors that help youth cope with stress.
Eligibility: Parents and teenagers entering Grade 8 in the fall of 2018 are eligible for participation in this study. Participants must be fluent in English with no pervasive learning disabilities, no significant cognitive impairment due to head trauma, who are not colour-blind or severely visually impaired, and who do not plan to move in the next 6 months.
Location: UBC Douglas Kenny Building and at home.
Contact Information: Email us at or call (604) 822 9951
Reimbursement/Time: Two 2.5 hour lab sessions between now and September, several at-home online questionnaires to be completed in September and December, and one final 2 hour lab session in March. Participants will be compensated with an honorarium of $130.

It Takes Two to Tango

Researcher: Dr. Christiane A. Hoppmann
Description: We are interested in how partners influence problem solving. The study involves a two-hour session where you and your partner will complete questionnaires and computerized tasks. We will also ask you to give each other a hand massage and wear a heartrate monitor.
Eligibility:You can participate in this study if you are aged 19 years and older. Participation in this study is contingent on the participation of your partner. 
Location: The Health and Adult Development Lab (Kenny Building, Room 2301)
Contact Information: If you are interested in participating, please contact or call us at 604-822-3549. 
Reimbursement/Time: Participants will receive monetary reimbursement for their participation. The study will take 2 hours to complete.
Study End Date: Posted on June 12, 2018. No end date specified.

Accuracy in Personality Perception (Round Robin)
Researcher: Jeremy Biesanz, Jessica Stewart
Description: We are studying the process by which individuals form impressions and understand the personalities of other individuals. In this 2-hour session you will:   • Fill out a series of questionnaires about your own personality.   • Provide email addresses of one parent/guardian and two friends so they too can fill out a brief questionnaire about you. Please obtain consent from these contacts in advance of the study.   • Briefly interact with 3-11 other participants individually and rate each of their personalities.   • Respond to several writing prompts about different aspects of your life.
Eligibility: No restrictions
Location: Kenny 2101 [Douglas T. Kenny Building, 2136 West Mall, V6T 1Z4]
Contact Information: Contact Jessica at
Reimbursement/Time: The study will take 2 hours and participants will be paid $20.
Study End Date: Posted May 10, 2018. No end date.

Testing the Predictive Coding Theory of Attention
Researcher: PI: Dr. Rebecca Todd, Co-investigators: James Kryklywy (post-doctoral fellow), Max Jativa (graduate student)
Description: The objective of the study is to test the predictive coding theory of attention. You will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires, and do computer-based tasks that will involve responding to images using the keyboard while wearing an eye tracker and a surface electrode on the finger to measure sweat activity. You may also be exposed to loud noises.
Eligibility: 16-35 years old, normal or corrected-to-normal vision, fluent in English
Location: Room 2215, Douglas Kenny Building (2136 West Mall V6T 1Z4)
Contact Information:
Reimbursement/Time: $10/hr, study will take approx. 2 hours
Study End Date: Posted Apr 22, 2018. No end date.

Neurochemical Influences on the Cognitive Functions Dependent on the Prefrontal Cortex
Researcher: Professor Adele Diamond
Individuals who are eligible to participate and wish to participate will be invited to our lab for one pre-testing session and two separate testing sessions. During the pre-testing session, you will have the chance to review the consent form again and give your consent. Before each testing session, you will be asked to take either a low dose of methylphenidate (MPH) or a placebo (Vitamin C). You’ll have a break to relax and then go on to play computer games that require reasoning, attention, and memory.
Eligibility: Healthy men and women between the ages of 20-35 who are not taking any medications that might affect thinking, mental clarity, or hormone levels (e.g. oral contraceptives, hormonal IUD’s, testosterone), are not pregnant or nursing, and who do not have a personal or family history of contraindications against taking Ritalin (e.g. allergies to anything in Ritalin or a heart condition).
Location: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Detwiller Pavilion, Room G842, 2255 Wesbrook Mall
Contact Information: Please email or call (604)-822-7664.
Reimbursement/Time: Participants will be reimbursed $5 for the information session (15 minutes), $15 for testing session 1 (1 hour), and $20 for testing session 2 (1 hour), totaling in $40 for all completed sessions.
Study End Date: Posted Apr 22, 2018. No end date.

Evaluation of the Smartphone Peer Physical Activity Counseling (SPPAC) Program on Physical Activity Among Manual Wheelchair Users with a Spinal Cord Injury: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study
Researcher: Hanna Kirsten, MOT Student, Rachel Degan, MOT Student, Krista Best, PhD, William Miller, PhD, Dr. Jamie Borisoff, PhD, and Dr. Francois Routhier, PhD, Peng
Description: This study aims to determine the influence of a Smartphone Peer Physical Activity Counseling (SPPAC) program on the level of physical activity in a group of manual wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury. The program is delivered by a peer trainer through a mobile device over 14 sessions, with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes. If you choose to participate and are eligible, you will be asked to complete three data collection time points. During the first time point, you will be asked to complete several short surveys before the program begins. The second time point will take place following the completion of the program in which you will be asked to complete the same short surveys. The third time point takes place in the form of a focus group where you will be asked to discuss your thoughts and experiences participating in the program.
Eligibility: Adults between 19-64 years of age, reside in the Lower Mainland, diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, use a manual wheelchair for mobility for one or more months and able to self propel at least 100 meters, able to communicate in English, are cognitively able to engage in the intervention, and currently do not meet physical activity guidelines (which consist of a minimum 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity twice per week AND strength training exercises consisting of 3 set of 8-10 repetitions for major muscle groups twice per week).
: Participants may participate in the intervention in the comfort of their home. Data collection sessions will however take place at either G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre (4255 Laurel Street, Vancouver) or International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD; Blusson Spinal Cord Centre, 818 West 10th Ave, Vancouver). The location will be chosen based on what is most convenient for the participant.
Contact Information: Please contact the Rehab Research Lab at 604-714-4108 or graduate student researcher Rachel Degan at
Reimbursement/Time: Participants will receive an honorarium for each data collection session completed. This honorarium will be provided to cover the 12 hours of your time and any transportation costs from taking part in this study. If required, there will be a pass provided to cover cost of parking while taking part in this study.
Study End Date: Posted Feb 18, 2018. Ends August 31, 2019.

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