Food and drink

Where are the best places to grab some food? Well, here are some possibilities…

On campus: Village, SUB, Between the Nest and the Village, Food trucks, Others nearby
Off campus: Pizza, Coffee and Tea, Pub Food and Beer, Meals
Buying groceries

On Campus (Food Services website)

Village (southeast of Wesbrook and University Blvd):

  • Basement of the Village: Food court with generally large portions and affordable lunch deals. Includes north Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and more. For example, Hong Kong Chinese Food: This is the best Chinese take-out according to Fennell and the servings are huge! Combo Express: The place is in the Village basement as well and their deal is a choice of any 3 sides with rice or noodles for $5.00. Another really good deal, and the favorite Village basement Chinese food for a bunch of other people. Curry Point: The most popular Village basement kiosk, great North-Indian food, veggie or meat combos with rice & naan for $5.50-$6.50.
  • Vera’s Burgers: Often said to be the best burgers in Vancouver, but opinions vary. Give it a try and see for yourself. They also serve (2 kinds of) beer!
  • UBC Pizza: Place your order at (604) 222-2922. You can also get pizza by the slice, and it’s open until midnight.
  • Sushi, sushi, sushi!: There are 3 sushi places in the village, the best of which is One More Sushi on the 2nd floor of the village – walk up the stairs next to Starbucks. They have a sweet lunchtime special: 5 items for $25.
  • Blenz: Best hot chocolate in the world.
  • Pearl Fever and Well Tea: 2 bubble tea joints, preferences vary. Both good.
  • Starbucks: One of 200 locations on campus!
  • McDonald’s: When real food just won’t cut it. Open 24 hours!
  • Pita Pit: Delicious healthy pitas. Be warned of long lines and slow service.
  • Booster Juice: Who needs solid food when you can get a bj? Good source of protein.

The Nest (6133 University Blvd):

  • PieR2: This is the main pizza joint on campus. Lots of creative pizza toppings. Unfortunately, the prices are a bit steep for the quality ($2.75/slice), but it’s the best pizza place at UBC and it’s really close to Kenny. Also, ingredients grown on a rooftop garden and at UBC farm. Susan Hotlzman warns to avoid the tofu pizza. Men should avoid tofu altogether.
  • Peko Peko: Sushi! In the Nest too! For when it’s too rainy to walk to the village. If you miss going to the Honour Roll for sushi in the Old SUB, this is basically the exact same place (as in, exact same menu).
  • Palate: Great selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, local, seasonal, homemade, and probably any other conceivable healthy food categories you could want.
  • The Pit: Decent burgers and fries during the day; also screens sports games every once in a while and turns into a club at night – probably not one you want to go to though. Slick look and the daytime sandwiches are decent, though.
  • Grand Noodle Emporium: Pan-Asian comfort food in a huge space! So much yumminess!
  • We haven’t tried several of the food places in the Nest yet. Mostly because it’s new and insanely crowded.

Places between the Nest and Village on University Blvd:

  • Mahony & Sons: Aiming for a somewhat classier vibe than other on-campus drinking establishments, you’ll notice their sophistication by the price of their drinks. They also have an extensive food menu, Irish-style. Located near the village.
  • The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Company: Slow and not particularly cheap, but good quality.

Food trucks: This is a new thing on campus. Pulled pork, spicy noodles, hot dogs, and UBC’s version of ceviche are among the delicacies. You can find the food carts in some of the high-traffic areas, including in front of the book store and next to the fountain on Main Mall (the Thai food cart always seems to be the one by the fountain).

Others nearby:

  • The Point Grill: Located really close by, on Lower Mall at the Marine Drive Residences, The Point has great food, but is a little pricey. There is no other table-service restaurant this close to Kenny, so you might end up going there waay too often. Lab meetings, after-seminar drinks… the list goes on. But their menu changes pretty frequently.
  • Starbucks: They’re everywhere! Closest to Kenny: Main Mall between University and Agronomy
  • Tim Hortons: If you’re not Canadian, you will soon learn about the magic place where you can get a hot beverage and a snack for under $3! In the Forestry building, on Main Mall and Agronomy Road.
  • Koerner’s: The grad pub, located near FoGS. Great place to meet students from outside the department, or for celebrations. They have food, drinks, and pool! Good place for playoff hockey too, since they have a projector and big screen. We once got to play MarioKart on the big screen – it doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Bean Around the World Café: go South on Main Mall until you hit Thunderbird; it’s in the same building as the community centre; closes at 4pm as of late. Also slow and a bit pricier but much better food than at other places on campus. Good soups and some real food. This place is technically not on UBC property, but it might as well be.
  • Mercante: Get a massive meal of real Italian-style clay oven roasted pizza for about $10 and a 10-minute wait. You can even get salad on top of your pizza if you want. Don’t bother with the overly-pricey desserts and pastas. Located diagonally across the street from Kenny and open until midnight on weekdays = ultimate in-lab dinner source.
  • IKE’s Café: On the first floor of the I.K. Barber Learning Centre (aka the library on East Mall across from Brock Hall). Good coffee, tea, sandwiches, and space to study.
  • Triple O’s: On Main Mall between University Blvd. and Koerner Library. Crowded. The milkshakes (Oreo! Skor!) are to die for.
  • The Loop Café: Located just down the street from Kenny, in the CIRS building. Stare through the glass outer walls and feel good about eating at a place where everything, right down to your fork, is compostable. Nice selection of hot and cold healthy food, local and gluten-free stuff, all of that. Only open for breakfast and lunch.

Off Campus


  • Flying Wedge Pizza: This place is at 1937 Cornwall in Kitsilano (and other places around town). It is definitely the most expensive slice of pizza that you will ever purchase, but it is worth it as a special treat. They have very interesting choices (e.g., lobster).
  • Minerva’s: On 41st ave. The clientele is mostly over 60 (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but the pizza is amazing and they do take-out.
  • Nat’s New York Pizza: Located in Kitsilano (2684 West Broadway) and in the West End (1080 Denman), Nat’s NY Pizza is described by one student, Alexa, says “Great thin-crust pizza” and by yahoo travel as, “this is the place for true pizza lovers.”
  • Martini’s: This place is great delivery pizza off campus. Expensive, but worth it, according to many. It has whole wheat crust (but you can’t tell the difference, it’s just better for you) and lots of great toppings.

Coffee and Tea

  • Arbutus Market: on 6th and Arbutus. Small, laid back, and great ginger cookies.
  • Bean Around the World: Two things you will notice in this city: (1) the catchy names of companies, such as Sofa So Good, and (2) there are approximately three billion coffee joints. But Bean Around the World is worth mentioning. It’s located on West 10th, a block or two East of Sasamat in Point Grey (there’s also one on Commercial Drive). They also have great sandwiches.
  • Calhoun’s: Located at 3035 West Broadway, Calhoun’s is a favourite among students who need a place outside the home to work, but also need loud noises. Any purchase gets you a wifi code good for 3 hours of internet (see if you can beat our record of 5 new wifi codes in one sitting!) The coffee is mediocre, the food ranges from crap to pretty okay, but the space is great (not counting the pigeons walking around in the place). And, just in case you got tired of working, they also sell wine and beer.
  • Caffe Artigiano: On Howe, between Robson and Georgia. Jason Winters says, “There is only one place in Vancouver, or the world for that matter, that is worth your money: Artigiano. One of the dudes that works there just won 5th place in the world for his fancy coffee making skills. Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else.” Need we say more.
  • Delany’s: This coffee place, located on Denman near Davie, and home to many West-Enders (if you know what I mean), has some excellent coffee. Eli personally thinks it’s one of the best drip coffees in town.
  • The Dragon Ball Tea House: Has the best bubble tea in Vancouver, says those in the know. King Edward Ave & Oak Street.
  • Our Town: favourite to many who like venturing a little further away from campus and out into the real world. Comfy, laid-back athmosphere, delicoius food and drinks. Great place to sip a cup of coffee or tea and read a book or work. Occasional live music and trivia nights. Located on Broadway, one block East of Main. Great place to rest before or after a stroll along South Main.
  • Wicked Café: Near Granville at Broadway. Great atmosphere. Super popular. 1399 West 7th Ave., at Hemlock.
  • Don’t fret. This city, like the entire West Coast of North America, is famous for its compulsion with coffee. You’ll find the coffee joint of your liking quickly enough. They truly are everywhere. Make sure to bring your yoga mat with you. It seems like it’s the other thing to do in this city. Coffee and yoga. Go figure.

Pub Food & Beer

  • Jericho Sailing Centre’s the Galley: On a nice summer day, you can’t beat the view and relaxed atmosphere at Jericho Sailing Centre, according to Brandy McGee. The pub/restaurant is upstairs and is open to the public.
  • The Regal Beagle: Located at 2281 West Broadway. This place has somewhat expensive beer, but has one of the best damn nachos in town!
  • Soho Café and Billiards: Located in Yaletown at 1144 Homer Strret, this pool hall/foosball/pub is a place to write home to your friends in Montreal and say, “You see, we do have some okay bars in Vancouver!” The music is great, the atmosphere is calm, and you might even be tempted to eat something.
  • Jeremiah’s: 3681 West 4th Avenue
  • Coppertank: GREAT place to watch hockey. They have tons of big screens and a goal light that they turn on when the home team scores! 3135 Broadway West. That said, the food could be better.


  • 24/7 Thai: Broadway and Oak. A hole in the wall Thai place that serves solid Thai food…24/7. Not gourmet dining, but gets the job done for those middle of the night cravings.
  • Banana Leaf: Tasty and very reasonably priced Chinese-Malaysian restaurant (about $10-$15 for dinner), Broadway (at Willow and at McDonald) and Denman.
  • Burgoo: located just off campus, a block East from the Sasamat spot, Burgoo is a great lunch and dinner place. Their menu changes with the season but they are known for their delicious soups and let you mix and match their soups, salads, and sandwiches. Highly recommended.
  • Chutney Villa: Broadway & Main street. Best South Indian restaurant in Vancouver.
  • The Clove: With two locations, one on Denman, and one on Commercial Drive, this place offers great asian-indian fusion food. Good music, service and style
  • Congee Noodle House: Chinese food at Main and Broadway that scores the holy trinity of being very cheap, very good and open late.
  • Cru: located on Broadway just at Granville, this centrally located restaurant is easy to miss. However, don’t miss your chance to try it out. While it’s a little more expensive than some other Vancouver restaurants it is not overpriced; they also have a great wine list. Reservations recommended. I suggest that you go here with your parents when they’re in town and want to take you out for dinner.
  • The Eatery: Why just have dinner when you can have a seizure? “Updated” sushi at 3431 West Broadway.
  • Enigma: West 10th & Trimble, in Point Grey. “A great place for brunch– quality food, nice environment, and a good brunch for under $10. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, you name it.” Also serves good dinner.
  • The Foundation: Really, one of the best places in the city. Cool vibe, great vegetarian meals of the burger, pasta kind, and tied for the best nachos in town. The wait can be long for a table, but it’s worth it. Located on Main Street, two blocks north of Broadway, on the West side of the street.
  • Guu: on Thurlow St. one block southeast of Robson St., with a few other locations around town. $3-6 per tapas dish; reasonably priced beer and authentic Japanese pub food (i.e., anti-sushi) await you. Fun to order “Calpis” (fermented milk drink) just to say it aloud.
  • Hapa Izakaya: At Robson & Nicola. Great (ie. pretentious) atmosphere and delicious “modern” (ie expensive) Japanese tapas (try the deep-fried shrimp and the Salmon Yuke).
  • 1215 at 1215 Davie St. It is a really good Japanese/West Coast fusion tapas restaurant that is reasonably priced ($6-$9) per item and the food quality is amazing. It’s where the chef of Hapa Izakaya is now working which guarantees that the food is delicious. The overflow wine is a must!
  • Hime Sushi: small, but one of the best sushi places in town. Not only do they have good food, they also provide a nice, comfortable environment and play jazz music in the background. Surprisingly it is still totally affordable and not really more expensive than other sushi places.
  • Hoshi Sushi: 2825 West Broadway (at MacDonald), decent natural (not-farmed) fish, plus you can come through the back door via the kitchen and feel like you’re in Goodfellas.
  • Havana: This resto/gallery/theatre is located at 1212 Commercial Drive. Just go there.
  • Indian Oven: Indian restaurant at 4th and Maple (on the second floor); very yummy.
  • Jolly’s: another restaurant; just reopened in a new location at 4th and Bayswater. Used to be good and is supposed to be even better now that it’s moved; affordable and yummy.
  • Memphis Blues BBQ House: is awesome. There’s one on Broadway (1465 W. Broadway) and another on Commercial. Prices are reasonable ($10-$15 per person), food is great. More meat than you can handle. For carnivores only.
  • Na’am: Vegan restaurant at the corner of 4th and Macdonald (well, Stephens, at least). It’s open 24/7. If you are vegan or vegetarian you are likely to enjoy this place, if you like your meat you should probably go somewhere else. While some of the main dishes are great, we suggest you go somewhere else for dessert.
  • Papaya Hut: West Broadway & Burrard (across from gas station on Burrard). Cheap lunch deals until 4pm (about $6) come with delicious spring roll, rice, and a huge plate of the main dish. Never been disappointed!
  • Phnom Penh: As good as Vancouver food gets. This Cambodian restaurant at Main and East Georgia (at the South entrance to Chinatown) can feed you lunch or dinner for under $15 but could still get an endorsement from Julia Child (and she was a spy!).
  • The Rugby Beach Club Grille (aka the Rugby Club) South side of Broadway at Oak St.; upstairs. Reasonably priced, delicious tapas/appetizers ($5-8) and amazingly priced alcohol (probably one of the cheapest in Vancouver) .
  • Samurai Sushi: 1108 Davie, near Stepho’s. HUGE, cheap sushi. Very popular restaurant. Line won’t be as long as Stepho’s, but it’s still best to go early or late.
  • Salt Tasting Room: A nice spot on Blood Alley (between Gastown and Chinatown – not the best area). Assemble your own tasting plate from a menu of cured meats, high quality cheeses, and creative condiments. And of course an excellent wine selection. Get 3 meats and/or cheeses and 3 condiments for $15. Nice atmosphere, classy but not pretentious
  • Sha Lin Noodle House: at Broadway and Ash; incredibly cheap and ridiculously good. As in, really, really good. They make their noodles freshly from scratch and also all sorts of other delicious Chinese food; don’t miss this one.
  • Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe: Located at 4th and Arbutus, this breakfast goldmine rules the city in breakfast popularity. The ice cream milkshakes are sooo good, none of that cocoa stuff (try chocolate & coffee flavour!).
  • Steamworks Brewing Company: 375 Water Street, Downtown, near Gastown. A variety of beers brewed in house, breath-taking view of the north shore, different rooms for different atmospheres, and really nice food.
  • Stephos: 1124 Davie. Some say the best Greek in town, others would conjecture just the most popular. Huge portions. Go before 5:30pm to avoid the line.
  • Sweet obsessions: Favourite dessert place in town; at 16th and Trafalgar; they make great cakes that you can buy or enjoy on site while sipping a cup of tea on the side; better priced than other dessert places in town, combined with much better quality.
  • Takis Taverna – Next to Stepho’s & Samurai – Great greek food, not too pricey, way shorter line than Stephos’ and nicer food.
  • Toshi Sushi – 16th avenue between Main and Quebec. If you can’t afford a $150 dinner at Tojo’s this is your next best option (and will run you under $20). Problem is, everyone else knows that, so be prepared to wait in line. Order the ‘box sushi’, it’s off the menu.
  • Vij’s and Rangoli: 11th and Granville. For delicious Indian Fusion, head to one of these two restaurants. For high-end and delicious Indian Fusion. Right next door and owned by the same guy (connected through a back door even). Note that Rangoli is a more casual and cheaper version of Vij’s. However, the food is just as delicious and the wait shorter, so don’t get hung up on going to Vij because people think it’s cooler. It’s not.

Buying Groceries

  • No Frills: W. 4th and Alma (underneath the Jericho Mall). This grocery store is leaps and bounds cheaper than Safeway. It is great for the basics, though not as much for the produce or meat. Has all the generic versions of everything as well some name brands for cheap.
  • Safeway: A full-on grocery store, with locations all over town. Closest to campus is their store at Broadway and Sasamat (take the 99 one stop past the village).
  • Save-On-Foods: The first large grocery store on campus. Located at 16th and Wesbrook Mall. Surprisingly pricey (much like the Shoppers’ Drug Mart on campus).
  • Terra Breads: best bakery in town. This is a chain with stores on Granville Island and 4th and Vine among others. Great breads and sweets, comes highly recommended.
  • Les amis du fromage: amazing cheese place on 2nd ave, one block East of Burrard. Helpful service and lots of cheese to choose from. You can also buy raclette cheese and rent a raclette grill for an evening if you want to throw a raclette party for your friends.
  • Young Brothers: good produce, centrally located at Browadway and just West of Balaclava; super cheap, but cash only.