Following tradition, Psychfest is an annual event where second-year MA and new PhD students present their research to the entire department. It’s the only opportunity for students to share their work with everyone in the Psychology department—a rare and exciting occasion for each student.

2023 | April 27 & 28

The theme for this year is When I Grow Up…

Schedule of Events


 9:20 am  |  Welcome/Opening Remarks   

 9:30 am  |  Session 1

10:30 am  |  15-minute break 

10:45 am  |  Session 2

12:00 pm  |  Lunch break

2:00 pm  Invited Talk from Dr. Craig Rodriguez-Seijas

4:00 pm  |  BOH


10:50 am  | Opening Remarks

11:00 am  |  Session 1 

12:00 am  |  Lunch break

1:00 pm  |  Session 2

2:00 pm  |  Break

2:15 pm  |  Session 3 (remote)

3:15 pm  |  Break

3:30 pm  |  Awards presentation 


Invited Keynote Speaker

Understanding the Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder among LGBTQ+ Individuals: Theory, Measurement, and Minority Stress

Dr. Craig Rodriguez-Seijas  University of Michigan Stigma, Psychopathology, & Assessment (SPLAT) Lab

Borderline personality disorder is more frequently diagnosed among LGBTQ+ individuals. However, understanding the elevated prevalence among LGBTQ+ populations is complex. Personality disorder theory and research has developed without attention to underrepresented populations like LGBTQ+ folks. In this talk, I will review a series of papers and projects aimed at disentangling factors related to the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder among LGBTQ+ individuals including conceptual/epistemological issues, diagnostic bias, criterion contamination, and measurement invariance.

Psychfest Program 2023 – When I Grow Up! (PDF)

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