2011/2012 members

The 2011/2012 members of the Graduate Student Council and their roles

Imperial leaders and chairs

President: Lily May
Treasurer: Joey Chisholm
Head Social Coordinator: Morag Yule

Social Coordinators

Head Social Coordinator: Morag Yule
Alyssa Croft
Will Hall
Yuanyuan Jiang
Aaron Weidman

Graduate Student Ombudsperson

Will Dunlop

Website Coordinator

Gillian Sandstrom

First Year Representative

Aaron Weidman

GSS Representatives

Kristan Marchak
Colin Stopper

CPA Representative

Jenn Trew

Area Representatives

Cindy Barha Behavioural Neuroscience
Colin Stopper Behavioural Neuroscience
Alexis May Clinical
Morag Yule Clinical
Joey Chishom Cognitive
Kaitlin Laidlaw Cognitive
Will Dunlop Developmental
Meanne Chan Health
Loni Slade Health
Kate Rogers Quantitative
vacant Neuroscience
Alyssa Croft Social/Personality
Aaron Weidman Social/Personality

Liaison roles

Colin Stopper Animal colonies
Will Dunlop Grad advisor
Jelena Brcic Human subjects pool
Alyssa Croft Learning enhancement
Matt Ruby Learning enhancement

Departmental committee representatives

Alexis May Annual departmental report
Will Dunlop Colloquium
Julia Kam Colloquium
Julia Kam Curriculum
Kristan Marchak Curriculum
Lauren Human Faculty recognition
Gillian Sandstrom Faculty recognition
Will Dunlop Faculty search
Colin Stopper Faculty search
Will Dunlop Grad finance and TAs
Yuanyuan Jiang Grad. Admissions /progress /recruitment weekend
Lily May Grad. Admissions /progress /recruitment weekend
Grace Truong Grad. Admissions /progress /recruitment weekend
Will Dunlop Grad. Program Coordination
Gillian Sandstrom Information technology
Natalie Miller Psychfest/PSA research day
Alexis May Safety
Season Johnson Space committee
Jenn Trew Space committee
Joey Chisholm Strategic Planning
Will Dunlop Strategic Planning
Dan Randles Teaching and TA Evaluation
Loni Slade Teaching and TA Evaluation
Will Dunlop Undergraduate Curriculum
Grace Truong Undergraduate Curriculum

Members at large

Erin Buckels