Following tradition, Psychfest is an annual event during which second-year Master’s students, as well as new PhD students, present their research to the entire department. It’s the only opportunity for students to share their work with everyone in the Psychology department, so it’s a rare and exciting occasion for each student.


Psychfest 2020 will take place on: May 1st, 2020 and Dr. Seth Pollock’s talk will be on April 30th ,12:30 pm-2 pm.

Stay tuned for program updates soon!


Psychfest 2019 was held on Friday, May 3.

The theme was Psychapalooza: Peace, Love, and Psychology.

Read more about Psychapalooza on the psychology department’s website.

Schedule of Events

DAY 1: MAY 2

Dr. Sonia Bishop from UC Berkeley headlined Psychapalooza with a talk titled “Anxiety and Decision Making Under Uncertainty.”  


Anxiety is associated with elevated self-report of uncertainty and ambiguity aversion, however there has been relatively little attempt to characterize the underlying mechanisms. Over recent years, computational modeling has been used to advance our understanding of human decision-making and the brain mechanisms that support it. This approach can help us to formalize and understand how choice behaviors can be optimally adapted to different situations and the ways in which individuals may deviate from optimal behavior. In particular, it can be used to characterize how participants make decisions when one or more forms of uncertainty complicate the action-outcome relationship. Here, I will describe studies using manipulations of both contingency volatility and contingency ambiguity and findings from these studies indicating that trait anxiety is associated with deficits in decision-making under second order uncertainty.

DAY 2: MAY 3

10:45 – Morning Snacks

11:00-12:30 – Talk Session I

  • Eric Mercadante (Social) – Tracy
  • Lucy De Souza (Social) – Schmader
  • Raechel Drew (Developmental) – Hamlin
  • Jessica Stewart (Health) – Biesanz
  • Ellen Jopling (Clinical) – LeMoult
  • Gordon Heltzel (Social) – Tracy/Laurin

12:30-1:15 – Lunch

1:15-2:45 – Talk Session II

  • Adam Alic (Social) – Laurin
  • Ariel Ko (Clinical) – Hewitt
  • Guilia Capuzzo (Behavioural Neuroscience) – Floresco
  • Yeeun Lee (Health) Chen
  • Arezoo Shahnaz (Clinical) – Klonsky
  • Brittney Russell (Clinical) – Winstanley

2:45-3:00 – Coffee Break

  • Groovy game

3:00-4:15 – Talk Session III

  • Kate Wen Guan (Social) – Heine
  • Charlotte Roddick (Health) – Chen
  • Brent Stewart (Clinical) – Woody
  • Holly Engstrom (Social) – Laurin
  • Iris Lok (Social) – Dunn

4:15 – Awards

4:30 – BOH in the lounge

Download the 2019 Psychapalooza Program

Past Psychfest Themes:

2019: Psychapalooza: Peace, Love, and Psychology
2018: Star Wars
2017: RealTalk
2016: The 90s
2015: Villains
2014: Game Shows
2013: Classic Video Game Characters
2012: Hollywood/Celebrities
2011: Monster Mash
2010: Rockstar
2009: Star Wars/Star Trek
2008: Austin Powers
2007: Super Psychfest (Superheroes)
2006: Mardi Gras Style