Following tradition, Psychfest is an all-day event during which second-year Master’s students, as well as new PhD students, present their research to the entire department. It’s the only opportunity for students to share their work with everyone in the Psychology department, so it’s a rare and exciting occasion for each student.

Psychfest 2018 is being held on Friday, May 4 from 10am – 5pm in West Mall Swing Space Building, Room 121.


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so the organizers know how much food to get:


This year’s theme is Star Wars: May the 4th Be With You.

The stars (no pun intended) were aligned and we’d be remiss not to make it this year’s theme. Presenters are encouraged to dress up as a Star Wars character for their presentations. It’s not necessary for it to be accurate, if you don’t want to put too much effort into dressing up, take a bed sheet and wrap it around yourself, and voila! You’re a Jedi (or Sith, depending on the colour).

Program found here: Psychfest 2018 – Program

You can play trivia during the entirety of PsychFest! Link to trivia here:\

Schedule of Events

10:00 – Morning Snacks

10:30 – Talk Session I

  • Audrey Aday (Social)
  • Yu Luo (Cognitive)
  • Denitza Dramkin (Developmental)
  • Gabriel Smith (Cognitive)
  • Kate Kysow (Clinical)

11:45 – Lunch

12:45 – Talk Session II

  • Yvette Graveline (Cognitive)
  • Anita Schmalor (Social)
  • Sophie Smit (Clinical)
  • Miranda Sitch (Developmental)
  • Ke Zhang (Cognitive)

2:00 – Coffee Break

  • Star Wars Trivia (yes, there will be prizes)

2:15 – Talk Session III

  • Drake Levere (Health)
  • Kyle Gooderham (Cognitive)
  • Alex Terpstra (Clinical/Cognitive)
  • Alison Tracy (Clinical)
  • Sumeet Mutti (Cognitive)

3:30 – Keynote

  • The keynote speaker for this year will be Dr. Emily Balcetis of NYU.
  • Dr. Emily Balcetis will be presenting a talk titled: Perceiving Leadership

Abstract: Despite the election of the nation’s first Black President, questions remain regarding whether and why American leadership continues to suffer from a lack of diversity in politics, business, and our communities. While bias and discrimination continue to perpetuate underrepresentation, I will share research examining whether our own perceptions of leaders impact decisions to support minority candidates. Beyond our thoughts about electability, determinations about shared values, or decisions about who will receive our votes, my research finds that the visual representations we form of candidates aspiring to lead shape voting decisions. I present data investigating the relationship between American’s support for Obama and the visual representations they formed of him prior to the 2008 election. I present evidence for the underlying cognitive associations and motivational orientations that give rise to White and Black voters’ perceptual experiences of minority candidates and intentions to support them. And I will share a preliminary look at new research assessing the beliefs that minority youth hold regarding the leadership potential of underrepresented racial groups, and an intervention that may empower their own aspirations towards leadership.

4:45 – Awards

5:00 – BOH in the lounge

Past Psychfest themes:

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2016: the 90s
2015: Villans
2014: Game shows
2013: Classic videogame characters
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2011: Monster Mash
2010: Rockstar
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