GSC Members

The GSC welcomes all students who are enrolled in a psychology graduate program, or who are enrolled in another program (e.g. neurosciences) and who are supervised by a faculty member in the psychology department.

2016/2017 Council Members

For contact information, please see the current list of graduate students(Looking for the the history of the GSC?)


Jordan Brace
Jenn Campbell
Bri Glazier


Ellen Stephenson

Area Representatives

  • Behavioural Neuroscience: Michael Barrus, Patrick Piantadosi
  • Clinical: Jennifer Na, Carly Parsons, Boaz Saffer
  • Cognitive: Michelle Crease Lark, Anna Maslany, Kevin Roberts
  • Developmental: Carolyn Baer, Sheri Choi, Shunfu Hu
  • Health: Chelsea Christie, Jennifer Lay
  • Quantitative: Jordan Brace
  • Neuroscience: Jill Dosso
  • Social/Personality: Ryan Dwyer, Anita Schmalor, Zak Witkower
  • First Years: Audrey Aday, Denny Dramkin, Kate Kysow

Departmental committee representatives

  • Curriculum: Patrick Laflamme, Natasha Pestonji
  • Grad Admissions & Progress: Trish Varao Sousa
  • Recruitment: Denny Dramkin, Siba Ghrear, Antonya Gonzalez, Taeh Haddock, Adri Khalis, Kate Kysow, Anita Schmalor, Gabe Smith, Grace Truong, Trish Varao Sousa
  • Teaching and TA Evaluation: Michelle Crease Lark, Jill Dosso
  • Space: Ke Zhang
  • Faculty Search:
  • Colloquium: Chelsea Christie, Patrick Laflamme, Jennifer Lay
  • Faculty Recognition: Chelsea Christie, Jennifer Lay
  • Information Technology: Jennifer Lay, Kim Meier, Kevin Roberts
  • Graduate Finance and TAs: Jenn Campbell
  • Annual Departmental Report: Rachele Benjamin, Natasha Pestonji
  • Safety: Antonya Gonzalez
  • Learning Enhancement:
  • Strategic Planning: Rachele Benjamin
  • Undergraduate Curriculum: Natasha Pestonji, Trish Varao Sousa

Graduate Student Ombudsperson/Liaison to the Grad Coordinator

Lisa Zhang

Liaison to Animal Colonies Coordinator

Courtney Bryce

Human Subject Pool Coordinator

Aaron Weidman

Psychfest/Undergraduate Research Day Coordinators and Liaisons to the PSA


Data Blitz Coordinators

Anita Schmalor
Lisa Zhang

GSS Representative

Rachele Benjamin
Chelsea Christie (proxy)

CPA Representative


Grad Student Well-being Network Reps


Social Coordinators

Carolyn Baer
Chelsea Christie
Ryan Dwyer


Michael Barrus, Jordan Brace, Jenn Campbell, Chelsea Christie, Sara Colalillo, Bri Glazier, Jennifer Lay, Drake Levere, Anna Maslany, Kim Meier, Brad Morrison, Spencer Murch, Patrick Piantadosi, Gabe Smith, Grace Truong, Trish Varao Sousa, Morag Yule, Lisa Zhang

Website Coordinators

Jennifer Lay
Kim Meier